Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Alice is Back! (For a little while anyways)

For those of you who loved Alice and Wonderland, but missed out on the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland there still is a chance for you to pick one up if you live in the United States. Urban Decay is offering an Alice's Favorite Things collection for a whopping $211 USD. All hope is not lost though if you do like Urban Decay; because they certainly make it worth while with the sheer amount of other products they included.

Besides the 16 eyeshadow palette, the mini Sin Primer Potion and the two travel size 24/7 eyeliners in Burbon and Flipside there is also full sized:
- Honey Body Powder; a gold sparkling body powder with poof, that looks smells and tastes like Honey (They are designed to be edible)
- Eden Primer Potion; a matte yellow nude finish primer potion based off the original- despite being matte it has a lovely uplifting effect I found once sheered out on my skin when I swatched in store
- Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy; A gold chunky glitter liner (I've never tried it, but by the size of the glitter in the picture I think this would have issues with fallout)
- Kirk Pocket Rocket Lipgloss; A sheer nude colour with an adorable picture of a guy named Kirk on the top. From one angle he's casually dress, from another he's in rather fetching blue underwear :D
- Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Setting Powder; A translucent powder that is Urban Decay's answer to a HD setting powder. It comes with a sponge attached to the lid.
- De-Slick in a tube; A clear matifying gel that is designed to control oil both under and over make-up.
- Big and Fatty Mascara; A black thickening mascara.

When the prices of all the products are added together (including the original price of the palette when it was first released) the worth of the kit comes to exactly $211 USD. Which means Urban Decay is selling everything to you for full price, which in my opinion is a bit stingy on behalf of the company.
All in all if you feel you must have the Alice in Wonderland palette and you like Urban Decay products, (which are usually nice quality) go for it. However, if you're someone like me who already has several shades in the palette as well as a setting powder, opened mascara etc., it's not really worth my time. (And even if I was interested there are some palettes being sold at or around the original price on ebay).
If you're interested to see the details click here for a link to Urban Decay's page:
Rating: 6/10

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