Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review: Revlon Photoready Foundation

When this first came out it was the first of it's kind. A drugstore foundation that looks and feels like a high-end one; meant for any lighting and high definition photos. In Canada it retails for around $16. It's a medium coverage foundation that is very buildable, with a glowy finish.

I personally used this foundation for around six months and it had many positives associated with it. The most raved about feature is the tightly wound pump feature, making it very easy to get the exact amount product out of the bottle. The product itself has a lovely finish that looks nice in most lighting. It is also oil-free and has a physical sunscreen (Titanium Dioxide 1.1%, and Zinc Oxide 2%) of SPF 15.
The majority of complaints have been about the shimmer, which seems to vary in amount between bottles. In some there doesn't seem to be any shimmer, whereas others have been referred to have the "Cullen-effect" meaning you sparkle like a disco ball, especially in direct sunlight (referencing the Twilight Vampire Saga novels). I never experienced this however.
It does go on nicely however on my oily skin it was gone in about four hours. It did last a bit longer with a setting powder but I still looked much less than pristine at the end of the day, especially around dry areas on my face. It also transfered from my skin easily on whatever happened to touch it (which meant that all those sweaters I used to keep my head propped up during boring lectures needed to be washed much more often).
The major problem I had with this foundation however, was the ingredients. The Sodium Chloride (salt), Cyclopentasiloxane and, Cyclohexasiloxane are comedogenic and agitated my skin the entire time I was using it. When I finally figured out it was this foundation that caused my excess acne, it took about a week for my skin to get better. Of course I still have acne, but it significantly improved without the foundation affecting it.

All in all This is a nice foundation for people that have normal skin (not too dry nor too oily) and aren't affected by acne. However, since that doesn't cover very much of the population it's a bit disappointing. Great that it has sun protection and looks nice but the rub off effect is frustrating.
Rating: 5/10

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