Friday, June 4, 2010

Quick and Easy Summer Look Ideas: Nails

I know that since summer has come along, that my make-up routine has definitely swayed to simplicity. The easier the better, but I also want something that brightens. So I sorted through my makeup and came up with some of my go to items thus far this summer!
First up is nail polish! (You can click on the image to see it bigger!) I find that nail (and toe!) polish can really effect my mood and I love to have some nice colours on especially in the summer. Who doesn't love showing off there toes in sandals? I tried to pick colours that I thought would look good on every skintone and colour as well as bright shades and more subtle work appropriate shades. I also included my favourite top coat (China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat which Really speeds up drying time) and base coat (Revlon Multi Care Base and Top Coat), because I think just shiny nails have a lot of impact too.
In the picture starting at the China Glaze top coat and going clockwise is Sephora by OPI Just a Fairy-Tail a shimmery silver glitter with flecks of blue; NYX Fire 136, a subtle but beautiful peach-pink with blue-green duochrome; OPI Rumple's Wiggin' a soft cream lilac colour (this is a particularly popular colour this season and many brands have similar colours out there like Revlon Gum Drop and Essie Lilacism); Down in the bottom right corner is Lagoon-a-Beach another Sephora by OPI nailpolish that is a baby blue with silver glitter; next is Leaf Him at the Altar a gorgeous leaf green with subtle silver shimmer by Sephora by OPI; One of my personal favourites is next Breathe Life by OPI a shade put out by the company in support of the Lung Cancer Association. This is a difficult shade to describe because as you build coats it changes it's base colour. Its a baby blue with violet-purple and pastel green duochrome. It's also very sheer so it's a great subtle pop of colour.
The final two colours are Finger paints Art Dealer Tealer and OPI's Pearl of Wisdom. Art Dealer Tealer is a bright Carribean Water blue with green duochrome and Pearl of Wisdom is an Ivory with pink reflects and very fine silver glitter. Both very different but wonderful summer colours. What are you're favourite nail polish colours for summer? Especially the ones you wear to work?

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