Friday, June 18, 2010

Introducing Gosh Meteorites

Guerlain Meteorites also known as 'ballz' are highly coveted shimmery highlighter, bronzer or blush in the form of pebbles in a container. However, they are also the cost of a King's Ransom or Pirate's treasure ($53 USD)- though they look like antique powder boxes which does make me want one. However, the point of this post is that GOSH has come up with a cheaper version of the same thing. For $23 CND, GOSH has come out with two different meteorites one a bronzer and one a highlighter powder in multiple colours.
Both create a lovely subtle tint of colour and give an excellent introduction to the idea, letting you decide if splurging for the more expensive version is something you want to spend your hard earned cash on.

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